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Fun and Learning at Saturday’s Fashion Drawing Session

This afternoons fashion drawing session was great fun as always. It was a terrific learning experience as well. While our model, Pati, posed with one hand on her hip, Brandon took the opportunity to talk about drawing the negative space as a way to understand proportion and capture the essence of an image. Continue reading

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Illustrations by Mara Cespon

Here is some footage of Mara Louis Cespons fashion illustrations. Continue reading

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Fashion Drawing Session, Thursday Feb 24th.

Still congratulating ourselves over the success of our first fashion drawing sessions in January, the WYRT staff were surprised by a few mishaps at the start of the Thursday night session. Brandon caught his finger in the window at Ripley Grier studios, and bled on the sign-in sheet! Ow! And Elizabeth brought a camera cord from a camera that hasnt worked since 2003. Continue reading

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WYRT Makes the News: Vassar Alum Website

Elizabeth Willse, WYRT editor and member of Vassars Class of 2000, did an interview about Would You Rock This with the Vassar Alumni Website. Continue reading

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Introducing Mara Cespon

Looking at the skillful fashion illustrations by Mara Louise Cespon, fashion illustrator and FIT student, it could be hard to believe that shes so new to fashion illustration. Continue reading

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Rockin’ Chicks: Hayley Williams

With the 2011 Grammy’s just behind us I wanted to start this mini series with one of my favorite singers: Hayley Williams of Paramore. Continue reading

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My Illustration Made The Cover of Basics Fashion Design 07: Menswear

My first cover Finally!!! Im so excited to have one of my fashion illustrations on a book cover and better yet a textbook thats might be seen by thousands of students and faculty. Basics Fashion Design 07: Menswear is published by AVA Academia who creates educational books. Continue reading

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How I Create My Fashion Drawings. by Igor Lukyanov

How I Create My Fashion Drawings. by Igor Lukyanov Continue reading

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Get The Sketch U Want @ Next Fashion Drawing Session. Heres How.

This time we are going to have fewer 5-minute gesture drawings, BUT if you prefer more 5-minute poses at different angles feel free to move around the room to capture angles you want. Continue reading

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Want more votes, views + feedback for your fashion illustrations? Heres how.

Want more votes, views + feedback? Heres how. Continue reading

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