The Dark Art of Pricing | Jessica Hische

I thought this great article by Brooklyn based letterer, designer, and illustrator Jessica Hische would be very helpful to the fashion illustration community. As illustrators we want to work with clients on their fun projects and receive a fair price in exchange for our work without pricing ourselves out of consideration or giving the client such a low quote you can’t shake the thought as you work on the project.

Jessica touches on various topics such as hourly VS flat-rate pricinglicencing and rights management, and even gives senarios to help guide you through coming up with a price.

Here’s an excerpt from Jessica’s full article you can read HERE.

It’s more than just crazy people that can make hourly pricing worthwhile though—pricing any long term design project hourly can be advantageous, as long as you communicate clearly along the way what kind of hours you’re devoting to the project. If the first time your client sees your total hours is on the job-concluding invoice, a world of hurt awaits. It will be like being audited except somehow more unpleasant. Be prepared to forward them every approving email, to itemize every minute spent on the website / book / whatever.

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