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For Businesses
What is Would You Rock This?

Would You Rock This? (WYRT) does statistical analysis.  Our signature blend of survey backed market research and polls combined with qualitative instant response focus groups, bring to the surface exactly the images that move hearts, change minds, and move merchandise.

WYRT statistics account for the characteristics of art that distinguish "winning images" from the rest. The underlying quality differences that separate a David Downton from thousands of his technically comparable peers.

WYRT staff performs timely, accurate research on commercial art (with a particular focus on fashion illustration) and distributes these finding to our primary audiences: retailers, media, academic communities, curators, art buyers, and art critics.

Who started the site?

Brandon Graham founded and has made his commitment to the fashion community a central part of his career, maintaining an extensive network of industry contacts and working on projects to engage discussions about the interconnected business of fashion.

Graham is a collector and recognized authority on the art of fashion illustration.  A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, one of America’s top Fine Arts programs, he holds the largest digitally curated collection of contemporary fashion illustrations in the world.  

He has designed for top fashion brands - Nike, Levi’s, Dockers, Armani Exchange, and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

In 2012 Graham curated an exhibition titled Fashion Illustration: A Contemporary Look which was the largest American showcase of established and widely published fashion illustrators in over a decade.  The exhibition aimed to bring awareness to the art form, its history, and to showcase how fashion illustration is used in advertising.

What are the benefits of polling?

Polling is an invaluable source of information, giving businesses a unique and consistently accurate window into a broad array of consumer preferences, differences, habits, biases, and paradigms.


+ Polling can scientifically and accurately generalize about thousands by examining the preferences of a random few.


+ Public opinion rejects the trendy in favor of the stable and traditional.


+ Pollsters can summarize what used to be unquantifiable data for businesses and media without distorting or oversimplifying it.


+ Fashion illustrators can use polling results to tailor their marketing efforts to reflect their target market's taste and aesthetic level.


+ Leads you to more well informed decisions.

What is an instant response focus group?

An instant response focus group is the 21st century way to explore, chart and act on consumer opinion.  Instant response sessions apply scientific measurement to the world of human emotion and feeling.  And the results are crunched as your audience reacts, so that you can see which images are working as they are shown.


The Process


Carefully-selected participants assemble in a focus group facility (the kind with a room and a one-way mirror). Clients sit “behind the glass” and observe. A specially-trained, experienced moderator leads the group. Each participant is given a wireless device about the size of a smartphone. A dial (calibrated from 1 to 100) sits at the device’s center.


Participants provide demographic information relevant to the question at hand (e.g., liberal vs. conservative; male vs. female; “used the product” vs. “never used the product”). After completing specially-designed, written language exercises before the session’s start, we start the dials…


…and that’s where it gets exciting. We display fashion illustrations as part of ads, book covers, commercials and other media platforms – and they respond second-by-second, image by image, by turning the dial. Our system integrates the live data, segments it demographically and displays statistics to the back-room audience.


The moderator follows up with probing questions to understand why participants feel the way they do.

How are our focus group effective?

Our focus groups are more than just technology.  Our 3-hour sessions are 2-3 sizes bigger and twice as long as traditional art and commerce based focus groups, so you have time to dig deeper and your conclusions have finer detail.  


We recruit and select participants using dozens of data points, ensuring the most accurate focus group sample possible.

For Illustrators
How will WYRT be beneficial to me?

Because we focus on fashion illustration we like to share what’s going on in the industry by highlighting artist and their artwork, events, and statistical results from our polls, surveys, and focus groups.


We make basic stats (how many Rock It and Not My Style votes) available to everyone (artist and businesses). The basic stats give you a sense of how the general public responds to your fashion art. Summaries or excerpts of our detailed statistical reports are posted on the WYRT blog.


WYRT also helps you sell your artwork and develop and online presence and following if you are selected as a “Featured Artist” on the homepage.

But won't people just steal my designs if I post them?

It could happen, but if you don't share your work no one knows how talented you are.

How do I know who's voting on my illustrations?

Individuals and companies who commission a study, poll, or survey will be provided with detailed breakdowns on who and how a person voted or answered our questionnaire.

Voters do have the ability to leave comments below each sketch on the voting block.  Right now the comments section is the best place to get a read on who’s voting on your illustrations.

How do I get more votes and user feedback?

Share your uploaded sketch to get the ball rolling by posting it on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, email, etc.  


Click on MY PROFILE in the upper right hand side of the website.  Then, on the left you will see an ALL MY SKETCHES tab.  Click on ALL MY SKETCHES and underneath your sketch you will see the SHARE button with an envelope icon in blue that allows you to post your sketches on several platforms.

How do I get featured on the WYRT homepage?
  • You have to participate first.  We want to see how talented you are.  For starters, upload and share your work on WYRT and other sites to get the ball rolling on votes and feedback.  We are always checking to see new sketches that are being uploaded and the activity happening around your sketches.

  • Featured Illustrators are:
  • - selected by the WYRT Review Panel.
  • - or selected from the pool of Up & Coming Illustrators.

  • Up & Coming Illustrators are:
  • - selected by WYRT Team.

  • We consider the following in our decision to feature illustrators:
  • + Skill level
  • + A defined illustration style
  • + Initial WYRT voting record
  • + Social media following

  • It helps if you have the following:
  • + Online store to sell prints and originals
  • + Video of yourself drawing and/or interviews
  • + Articles on you and your work
  • + Published illustrations


Why are sketches that I uploaded no longer in my gallery?

WYRT staff regularly curates the illustrations submitted to the site. The purpose of this is to keep the voting platform fresh with new art, help illustrators get the most votes possible, and keep the illustration quality at an appropriate level.  

Submissions could be removed from your gallery and the voting platform because we feel your illustration and/or design could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best possible feedback.  The more illustrations that are submitted the harder it is to collect and record a decent amount of votes per sketch because the pool of illustrations continues to increase.  So to keep the quality and content fresh and funnel more votes to illustrators we will be curating the site by being more selective of the illustrations on the voting block and setting certain guidelines.

To make a better WYRT experience for both voters and illustrators we will regularly be removing the following illustrations from the voting platform: 

+ Illustrations over a year old
+ Illustrations that contain copyrighted material
+ Photographs of clothing
+ Photographs of illustrations
+ Non-fashion illustrations  e.g.  portraits, prints, text, comic book characters
+ Illustrations uploaded incorrectly  e.g.  layout, size, and cropping issues
+ Duplicate uploads
+ T-shirt designs not on an illustrated figure
+ More than 3 figures on a page
+ Non-cohesive group of 2-3 figures
+ Flats (Illustrations NOT on a figure or croquis)
+ Illustration that seem incomplete, sloppy, or needs improvement.

There are exceptions to the rules which are subject to change without notice.  
We reserve the right to remove an illustration without notice that WYRT staff feels DOES NOT fall within the guidelines or is inappropriate.

How is the order of sketches that appear on the voting block determined?

We call this the voting logic.

The sketches appear in the following order:

1st     Featured Illustrators
2nd    Up & Coming Illustrators
3rd     Past Illustrators
4th     All Other Sketches

Can I use WYRT as my online portfolio?

No, please DO NOT use WYRT as an online portfolio to save your work because the voting platform and your gallery will be in constant edit by our admins.

We want to encourage illustrators to keep updating their portfolios with new work to share with the community and get feedback on plus push artists to do better and better work.

For Fashionistas
I’m not a designer. Can I still participate?

Absolutely!  If you wear clothes, you can participate and vote.

Why vote?

Your vote gives illustrators and designers feedback on their work.  If you like an illustrator we encourage you to share, follow, and comment on that illustrator's work.

Can I vote more than once?

One vote per sketch.

Technical Stuff
How do I upload my sketches?

Log in first.  Click on SUBMIT YOUR SKETCHES on the main navigation toolbar.  Scroll down a little and right below UPLOAD YOUR SKETCH heading click on the BROWSE button in blue to locate your illustration file.  Fill out the required description fields and select a ‘Season’ and ‘Category’ from the drop-down box.  Finally, click ADD NEW SKETCH.  You’re good to go!

How big should my image size be?

Recommended image size:  390 Pixels X 510 Pixels