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What makes a fashion illustrator’s artistic style and technical skill a highly valued commodity amid an enormous pool of competition?

Like art, music, tv and other goods in the cultural economy, fashion illustration has fluid and unpredictable value.  The people who work in markets such as fashion face high stakes of variance in which "all hits are flukes" and "nobody knows" what will sell, how to sell it, and at what price.  

WYRT statistics account for the characteristics of art that distinguish "winning images" from the rest.  The underlying quality differences that separate a David Downton from thousands of his technically comparable peers.

WYRT staff performs timely, accurate research on commercial art (with a particular focus on fashion illustration) and distributes these finding to our primary audiences: retailers, media, academic communities, curators, art buyers, and art critics.

Artwork and products featuring the fashion illustrations of Izak Zenou for Henri Bendel.

Our Team of creative specialist use the power of images to move our clients forward.  It's about more than what people are saying.  It's about listening to what people are thinking and feeling, and understanding the emotions underneath the language.  WYRT finds images that work, so that you can connect, impact, or move your audience to action.  Whether those images are for in-store displays, editorial spreads, advertisements, or galleries - we guide you in crafting the right image for your business, color by color and gesture by gesture.

We focus on what moves the viewer so that you have the peace of mind that only measurable, real-time results can offer.

We do it with facts - statistical analysis.  Our signature blend of survey backed market research and polls combined with qualitative instant response focus groups, bring to the surface exactly the images that move hearts, change minds, and move merchandise.

We go beyond traditional polling to understand what drives behavior, gauge public and consumer opinions, and test the precise images that gets your message across.

Industries Served

Consumer Magazines  |  Advertising Agencies  |  Fashion Illustrators  |  Fashion & Beauty
Illustration Agents  |  Licensing Agents  |  Packaging  |  Publishing  |  Stationery  |  Galleries


Business Consulting  |  Polling  |  Focus Groups  |  Survey Backed Market Research                                       Artist Consulting & Support  |  Public Relations

WYRT Creates an engaging experience and beautiful visual for your guests and press at your next event.

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